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Selecting more than one search criteria option will generate only mediators who meet ALL of the chosen criteria. For example, if you choose "J&DR District Court Certification," AND Circuit "3", your search will yield only mediators who meet both criteria. The fewer the criteria you select, the greater the number of mediators who will match your search.

Click the SEARCH button to process your search request. Note: Some Web browsers will allow you to press the ENTER button on your keyboard instead of the SEARCH button. To narrow or expand your search, use the BACK button on your web browser to change the criteria. To deselect an item, click on it. Upon receiving your search results, click on the name of any mediator identified to view a more detailed profile.

To find a mediator that is willing to mediate over phone or internet, find the 'Dispute resolution services offered' search field and select 'Distance Mediation.' If you do not see this field, scroll down and click the button that says 'Show More'.

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